About Sonan Digital

Sonan Digital is a B2B SaaS content agency helping tech companies communicate their unique value proposition. We focus on an education-first approach, wellsuited to the needs of B2B audiences and buyers. Our in-house experts have a passion for enabling technology product growth and helping you tap into specialized skills that are difficult to find. Whether it be SEO pillar pages, blog posts, or case studies — the Sonan Digital team is ready to become your B2B SaaS content partner.

Our Vision:

A world where entrepreneurs and businesses can thrive by using innovative software easily.


Our Mission:

The Sonan Team’s mission is to enable innovative B2B software companies to grow through the production of winning content connecting marketing, sales enablement, and customer support.


Our Values

Innovation — Honesty — Win-Win Relationships


Why Sonan Digital

Meet Our Team of Pros


Patrick Socha

Founder & President

Megan Honan

Chief Content Officer

Alexander Holman

Technical Director

Don’t spend money on expensive content that doesn’t drive results or establish your brand. With Sonan Digital, our team enables you to:

  • Avoid the hassle of freelancers or the expense of big agencies.
  • Hire a wide range of vetted creatives all working in tandem to save you time and money.
  • Work with expert writers who know and understand your industry.