Frequently Asked Questions

We know the process of selecting an agency to work with can be daunting— from overwhelming sales processes, to proposals that take what feels like years to get back— we get it.

Confusion kills B2B deals, so here some of the most common questions we get asked:

General Questions:

Where is the Sonan Digital team located?

Sonan Digital Inc. is a Canadian company with staff across the country. We are digital by default and plan on scaling globally. 

How do you typically price your work?

For our content marketing and sales enablement clients, we prefer long-term engagements. Please see our pricing page for more details. Depending on your company’s exact needs, we are happy to adjust our plans where possible and as needed.

When it comes to technical writing and other projects, we are happy to work on a per-project basis or handle knowledge base management on an ongoing basis. Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to provide a quote.

Do you serve companies outside of Canada?

Yes! We serve customers in a wide range of geographies and regions including the United States, UK, Europe, and Australia.

Content Marketing & Sales Enablement:

Can you help with marketing & content strategy?

Yes! We work with many companies, small and large that rely on us to assist with content and marketing strategy. If you are unsure of where to start, our team will be able to assess your needs and guide you through the process from strategy to execution.

What forms of content creation can your team produce?

We can assist with content creation ranging from blog posts, to eBooks, to infographics and more. We are also able to assist with video and audio content, depending on your specific production needs. For additional information regarding the extent of our services please check out our content marketing page.

Can you help with email marketing?

Yes! We love helping our clients with their email marketing, from design, to copy, and content, we have you covered.

Can you help with social media marketing?

We understand that social media is a vital part of content promotion. We offer B2B social media management as an available add-on to our content production services. For more information check out our pricing page.

Can you help with content promotion?

Yes! We are happy to help with paid content promotion. From Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we know that promoting your content through these paid channels is an effective way to build awareness and interest in your target audience.

How do you measure your content marketing results?

We hate lighting money on fire and understand that content marketing is a long-term game. We measure performance in a number of ways:

  • Leads Generated
  • SEO Performance
  • Social Media Performance
  • Traffic, Shares, Comments
  • Brand Awareness
How long will it take to see results?

Content marketing is a long-term game. Consistency over time is key to generating positive ROI. With our paid content promotion and social media management packages, the companies we work with can start seeing results within a month. If you rely solely on SEO, the time frame for this is longer, ranging from 8-18 months. For more information on this, check out our blog post on the topic.

Why should I use Sonan Digital over buidling an in-house content team?

We work with a number of decision-makers, from founders, to CMOs, to content marketing managers. There are many ways to approach content production. Building a content team fully in-house is an excellent option if you have the resources, however, you will still also have to rely on a number of technical experts for SEO, graphic design, writing, and video production. We offer complete content creation packages for less than half of what a single junior content marketer typically costs, while still providing a dedicated point of contact on the Sonan team.

Why should I use Sonan Digital over freelancers?

Working with individual freelancers is an option that many of our customers start with. While it can be a compelling option if you have the capacity to coordinate multiple specialists many of our customers find the process overly time-consuming. We offer complete content creation packages that replace the following:

  • Strategists
  • SEO Specialists
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Editors
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Paid Media Specialists
  • Video Editors
Why should I work with Sonan Digital over other agencies?

While there are many other marketing and content agencies out there, the Sonan Digital team provides a wide range of services and expertise while also building strong relationships with each of our clients. Instead of paying the premium of larger agencies or managing an army of specialists, Sonan Digital offers a blended approach that combines a wide range of services centering around content creation at competitive rates.

Technical Writing:

What does a typical engagement typically cost?

Given the complex nature of technical writing projects and needs, the answer to this is that it depends. Our projects start at $5000 and can range depending on the following:

  • Product Complexity
  • Existing Documentation
  • Learning Support Available
  • Length of Desired Documentation or Training Program
  • Format of Technical Writing
  • Visual and Graphic Design Elements

We’d love to give you a more transparent answer! The easiest way to get an exact quote for your project is to contact us.

What is the typical process for your technical writing projects?

Our process to create engaging and successful technical documentation is as follows:

  1. Initial Consultation & Needs Assessment
  2. Scope & Deliverable Clarification
  3. Proposal Creation
  4. Proposal Acceptance
  5. Initial Learning Period (We Prefer Interviewing Subject Matter Experts)
  6. Internal Knowledgebase Creation
  7. Initial Content Creation & Review
  8. Writing & Graphic Design
  9. Project Review
  10. Final Publishing
  11. Final Acceptance and Project Closeout
What kind of documentation projects can you handle?

Our team has a background in written content creation, business analysis, engineering, and computer science. Our wide range of education and past experiences makes us well suited for a number of B2B products. We typically aim to serve products that are used by those outside of IT departments. We strive to serve products that can benefit from our clear and concise writing style. If you are unsure if we are right for your project, it’s best to get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a straight answer.

Can you assist with training program/manual creation?

Yes! Our team of expert writers is well suited for writing projects that are designed to be used for education and training purposes.

How do you typically publish the material you create?

Depending on your exact needs for distribution, we can create final products ranging in format from PDFs, to interactive knowledgebases (thanks to our partnership with HubSpot), to video guides, and more.