How Much Does Content Writing Cost?

Written by Patrick Socha

Patrick Socha is the founder and managing director of Sonan Digital Inc. He is a seasoned business growth professional with a background in B2B Sales.

June 30, 2021

Content writing has become an essential part of many businesses’ online presence. There are many reasons to consider using a content writing service to help fuel your business growth. From boosting your SEO traffic, to improving your social media presence, to building trust— creating the right content can make a huge difference. In this article, we aim to answer the question of how much content writing can and should cost.

Factors Determining Content Writing Cost

Business & Industry Knowledge

Depending on your industry and brand, finding the right content writing service is essential to ensure you see a return on your investment. Firstly, you want to make sure that the writer has a strong understanding of your offerings and value proposition. Industry knowledge also goes a long way, but is not necessarily essential—especially if the writer is willing to conduct research or interviews. The more technically complex your product or service, the more specialized of a writer you’ll require. This is an important consideration for companies in sectors such as healthcare, technology, or financial services.

If you require an experienced professional with years of experience to produce the content you require, the cost will naturally be greater. Beyond this, factors such as whether your service is B2B or B2C can also impact cost, as B2B buyers tend to require longer, more informative pieces.

Content Format, Purpose & Reach

Written content can range in application from simple social media blurbs, to blog posts, to white papers. The longer and more advanced forms of written content will typically require writers to conduct more research. Beyond this, if you plan on paying to promote your white papers or blog posts, you will see a much greater ROI with higher quality content.

Research Required

The amount of research required for your content will also have an impact on cost. Is the information the writer needs easily accessible online? Or will they need to interview your employees in detail to extract the knowledge? Beyond this, writers can also search for independent industry experts to quote and add credibility to the piece. This can easily double or triple the amount of time it takes to produce content.

Beyond this, certain industries, such as healthcare, need to ensure any written claims are backed using credible sources. This can also greatly alter the amount of time required.

SEO Optimization & Keyword Research

Are you looking to produce content that ranks first for certain keywords on Google? Or are you just looking to build trust with website visitors and social followers? Depending on your expectations, there may be technical requirements for your writer to fulfill with technical SEO research beforehand. If you are looking to gain search engine traffic, this factor can make a huge difference with the kind of writing required and the costs associated.

Time Horizon – Content is a Long Term Game

Unlike many other forms of marketing, the impact of content creation is relatively small at first, but grows over time. Consistency over the span of years is key to ensuring success. Unlike paid advertising which is paid for and shown to the user, high performing written content can attract readers years after it is published. Once your readers see you as a thought leader in your space, they will keep coming back for information time after time or subscribe to your e-mail list. Content creation takes patience and ensuring that your budget supports a long-term investment horizon is another key factor for success.

The Many Factors of Content Writing Cost

While it may seem overwhelming at first, producing content and then iterating should be a main priority within your business. Partnering with the right content writing service or writer can make a huge difference in how your content performs. The last thing you want is solely focus on quantity and produce content that doesn’t portray your business well.

Here at Sonan Digital, we have a number of seasoned content writers on staff with knowledge in a wide range of industries. If you are looking for a partner to guide you through the process of written content creation, book a free consultation with us! Or check out our pricing guide as a helpful starting point.

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