Lead Generation Landing Page [Why & Getting Started]

Written by Patrick Socha

Patrick Socha is the founder and managing director of Sonan Digital Inc. He is a seasoned business growth professional with a background in B2B Sales.

September 22, 2021

In the world of pay-per-click advertising, using a lead generation landing page is vital. The first step is often ensuring that your website is as effective as possible. However, your business may offer multiple services or target multiple unique industries, which can confuse visitors. Lead generation landing pages can be tailored to a specific audience, making a huge difference in your digital marketing efforts.

Why Use a Lead Generation Landing Page?

Let’s say that you are an insurance company that provides home, auto, and business insurance to your prospects. If you are advertising online and sending visitors to a main home page they may become confused by your messaging. By targeting all of your visitors with the same content, you are bombarding them with irrelevant information. If they are looking for auto insurance and realize they are reading about business insurance, they may leave your site.

If you are running a campaign to target each of these three segments, creating an individual landing page for each segment can boost conversions. Oftentimes, landing pages should be directly related to the ad or social media post that generated the traffic. If you are offering a free auto insurance quote, having all the content on that page relating to auto insurance is a great idea. Beyond this, it would be wise to include all of the information the customer may need on a single page. Website visitors can easily become distracted by multiple pages. Many firms choose to disable the header or footer menus to reduce this. By focusing on a call to action, the user is more likely to engage with you.

Beyond this, your marketing can become even more selective. For example, if you wish to target searchers in a rural area with different content, you can do so with multiple landing pages. Instead of featuring images with drivers in heavy urban traffic, you can show county roads. Ultimately, splitting off your traffic into multiple landing pages can help you optimize your lead generation. There is a tradeoff, however, as each landing page can take additional maintenance.

How to Create a Lead Generation Landing Page?

After you have decided that landing pages are right for your business, getting started is the next step. There are many ways that you can organize your efforts in this space. See our top three ways of getting started below:

Using WordPress or Your Existing CMS

Firstly, if you are using a website builder that supports custom headers and footers for each page, you can actually create landing pages right in the builder. The difficulty of this method will depend on how your website has been built. This will often be the most seamless choice, as your website can use the same domain, instead of a subdomain. (sonan.ca vs. digital.sonan.ca). Furthermore, it will also allow consistent brand cohesion between multiple platforms.

Using HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

If you are currently using either HubSpot’s CRM or marketing automation tools, this is a great choice. HubSpot has landing page creation functionality built right into it. You can easily implement contact forms, meeting booking widgets, and live chats right into each page. Beyond this, it also has analytics tools built right into the platform, which reduces the need for Google Analytics skills to interpret results. Furthermore, their whole platform takes a no-code approach, which can be a massive plus if you are not working with a developer.

Using Unbounce For AI Optimized Testing

The third option for lead generation landing page creation is the use of a dedicated platform, such as Unbounce. As their entire product specializes in landing page creation, they allow for mass customization and testing of landing page content. As an example, you are able to input multiple headlines and have them automatically test each one to determine the best performer. This can be a huge time-saver instead of trying to do multiple A/B tests over time. In the future, we may see AI landing page creation becoming a leading tool for small businesses and budgets.

Getting Started Today

If you are looking to improve your digital marketing efforts and results, lead generation landing pages can be a great tool. Oftentimes, they can greatly improve your ad quality and performance. As your business grows and becomes more complex, we highly recommend trying them to improve your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for assistance with your landing page creation, reach out to the Sonan Digital team for a free consultation.

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